1/17/2008 Ok I know it's a body shop.  But I have a young male driver in the house and we have been there 3 times, These guys can do anything, they bent back the frame on our GMC Yukon that the tree jumped out in front of and they also repaired the side of my son's Ford Ranger that brushed up against a steel pole that "popped up out of nowhere, I swear" They are nice, friendly, personable and hey the price is always right.  Note to parents of young drivers: do not teach your kids to 'drift' until they are much older.
-Scott P.   San Mateo, CA

7/15/2009 I've known Scott for years and he has always done a great job with my car as well as every car in my extended family. I can honestly say that my sister and I alone probably made up for about half of his business during our teenage driving years (pathetic drivers, I know). He gives honest estimates, quality work, and never fails to impress. His partner Jerry is equally nice and together they run a great business.
-J. L.    San Francisco, CA